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Product Informations

Making drum shells is the main profile of GUSTAVITO PERCUSSION. The shells are made of pure birch layers and of acryl plies. The thickness of the shell varies: it can be increased millimetre by millimetre from 6mm.
The height of the shell is made upon special request.
The inner surface is varnished, the outer is made upon special requirement from the polished self-coloured to the coloured, varnished surface.
We use metal equipments distributed by TAM-TAM DOBCENTRUM ( such as Gibraltar, Magnum, Pearl, etc)
Of course if you would like to have your own metal consoles to have on your drum we will attach to it.
Hereby I would like to thank to the staff of the TAM-TAM DOBCENTRUM for their great help!

Further productions can be found on the price-list.

Reparations: We change or fasten heads congas, bongo drums, djembes and on other animal skinned drums, also we repair cracked, damaged shells.